First attempt at 3D modeling

I’ve had my first attempt at 3D modeling, in MODO!


Overall the program has issues with high polygon count, so adding detail is quite a task.

I apologise for the lack of updates: I’ve been busy with work, which is where I got to try this. Hope to get better at it soon!


Surprisingly comfortable – Sketchbook


Lazy days and amazing pillows

Parental Advisory Dog – Sketchbook


Based on the exceptional shirt I saw on an exceptional comic book salesman.


Ink and ballpoint pen on the back of a brown envelope

Flip the sign! – Sketchbook update


Hitchhiking and license plates

Went on a hitchhiking trip recently! Whenever we saw a Belgian license plate, we would flip the sign so that it said “Belgium” instead of “Maastricht”. No Belgians took us in that day (traitors!) but we made plenty of them laugh.

Let me lead – sketchbook update


New relationships and kitchen dancing

First bachelor film

My first short made in my first year of animation!

Page 4 – Coloured


Coloured in photoshop CS4, with a small wacom cintiq!